Car Rental with automatic transmission

City Car Rental with Automatic Transmission

The Suzuki Celerio belongs to the category of popular city cars with automatic transmission. This vehicle stands out for its small dimensions, making it extremely flexible and easy to park. It is therefore an ideal choice for urban driving.

Family Car Rental

Family Car Rental with Automatic Transmission

The value of the Toyota Corolla is timeless. Belonging to the most popular and reliable cars of the “big class”, it has a comfortable cabin and plenty of storage space. The automatic transmission adds an extra dose of comfort to driving the Toyota Corolla.

Rent a cheap car with automatic transmission

Rent an Economic Automatic Car for Travel

The Suzuki Baleno stands out as one of the most outstanding cars in the “middle class”. It can carry 5 passengers in great comfort, while its dimensions make it extremely versatile. The automatic gearbox adds even more comfort and convenience to the driving experience, making driving, in the Automatic Car Hire, a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

SUV Hybrid Economy Car Rental

SUV Hybrid Economy Car Rental

The Jeep Renegade Hybrid is a hybrid SUV that combines the power of a petrol engine with the energy efficiency of an electric motor. With impressive performance and a commitment to environmental protection, it is a modern choice for adventure and eco-driving enthusiasts.